On You: Wearing Technology

June 25, 2016 - January 8, 2017

Wearable technology and head-mounted displays are in the press daily. Why now? While the basic technology has existed for decades, only recently have these devices become practical and desirable.

On You: Wearing Technology looks at the challenges along the road to making a consumer wearable computer: power and heat, networking, mobile input, and display through examples of consumer, professional, and “maker” devices.  The exhibition also includes personal stories of individuals who use or create wearable technology. Are you wearing technology? Is technology ON YOU?

  • Clint Zeagler – Curator & Designer

  • Thad Starner – Curator & Designer

  • Maria Wong Sala – Designer & Photographer

  • Nick Bitzis – Designer

  • Yoni Kaplan – Designer

  • Kevin Shankwiler – Designer

This exhibition is organized by the Georgia Tech Wearable Computing Center.

Pixi Dress design and photo credit: Zane Cochran

For press inquiries, please contact Carrie Whitney, cwhitney@museumofdesign.org.

Photo credit: Jo Zhou

We are grateful to the sponsors & supporters of this exhibition: