Making Change: The Art and Craft of Activism

June 3 - September 9, 2018

Craftivism is a worldwide movement that operates at the intersection of craft and activism. Across the globe, artists and crafters armed with traditional materials like yarn, glue guns, quilt patterns, sewing needles, X-ACTO knives, and other tools are using their hands to protest social and political inequalities and injustices.

The time spent on these works shows the dedication to creating pieces that evoke emotion and promote discussion. By sharing ideas expressed through the work of their hands, these artists and crafters aim to make you think, explore and take note.

MODA’s Making Change: The Art and Craft of Activism exhibition explored this movement, showcasing the work of these artists, designers, and craftivists:

Here's Some Ways Visitors Got Involved in this Exhibition!

Making Change also invited all visitors and community members to get involved by making something that made a difference.

Make a Welcome Blanket 


Los Angeles-based designer and artist Jayna Zweiman developed Welcome Blanket to inspire creative and critical responses to current issues around immigration, cultural displacement, and geographic relocation. Zweiman hopes to accumulate enough blankets to span the same distance as the proposed 2,000-mile border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, thereby re-imagining it as "2,000 Miles of Warm Welcome."

In order to participate in this project, individuals were invited to sew, quilt, crochet, or knit 40 x 40inch blankets and package them together with their own story of immigration, migration, or relocation, as well as with words of welcome for immigrants or refugees who are our new neighbors, and send or bring them to MODA.

Makers could choose to write their messages of welcome as they liked or choose to follow the message template Zweiman created. For those who were new to the process but would like to participate, Zweiman created a step by step tutorial and provided patterns.

The museum served as a receiving station where blankets were sorted, catalogued, and exhibited. Over time, as the blankets accumulated, the space evolved into a vibrant installation of crowd-sourced creations. Guests were invited to spend time knitting and sewing, telling stories, and sharing resources.

At the end of the Making Change exhibition, the blankets received at MODA were distributed to immigrants and refugees along with the notes of welcome written by their makers.

Participate in Badass HERStory

Make Herstory.jpeg

Shannon Downey, known across the internet as Badass Cross Stitch, is an artist, craftivist, community organizer, and general instigator. She recently launched Badass HERstory, a global craftivism project meant to capture and share the stories of women, female-identified, and gender non-binary humans through fiber art. Her aim is to empower individuals, build community, and reshape narrative.

MODA visitors were invited to participate in this crowd-sourced project by stitching their story on a 12 x 12" piece of fabric and adding it to the other stories created by Atlanta craftivists.

We are grateful to the sponsors & supporters of this exhibition: