Volunteer at MODA

Calling all Craftivists!

We’re excited about our summer exhibition, Making Change: The Art and Craft of Activism!

Opening May 27, the exhibition will feature a  wide range of works representing the craftivist movement. Craftivism is a global movement with many community-based projects, and, as such, we’ll have a variety of interactive installations in the exhibition where museum-goers can contribute to global movements while also learning craft skills. Learn more about the exhibit here.

We need the help of our local craft community to help us in a wide range of volunteer positions specific to this exhibit .

We’re looking for individuals who have all or some of these qualities:

  • passionate about craftivism
  • knowledgeable about craft
  • have experience they want to share with others
  • like teaching others to make things or to make a difference in the world

Interested? Please fill out the application below! We’re in the process of defining specific roles, but there will be a wide range of opportunities to chip in a way that matches your interest.

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