Meet Our Design Partner

At Sobo, we believe in our clients’ vision for their organizations and that is why we design and implement strategies specifically crafted with their business goals in mind.  

Sobo understands that properly managing and growing a business is not easy. Along the way, seemingly endless challenges are bound to arise. At Sobo we work to intentionally overcome those challenges. Sobo is a multi-faceted business advisory firm with a technology focus. The future is now, and as a business leader you have to ask yourself, “What does our technology strategy look like”? To us, Technology is a collection of tools that we can utilize to help you accomplish business goals and eliminate problems, no matter what they may be.

While Sobo’s roots are in Information Technology Advisory & Support, it has grown to be a premier business advisory firm for small to mid-sized companies.  Sobo offers comprehensive services across what we refer to as “Five Pillars to Business Success”:

  1. Technology and Managed IT Services

  2. Business Finance

  3. Digital Marketing

  4. Recruitment and HR

  5. Business Process

 Our Advisors have decades of combined experience providing powerful, proven business Advisory and technology services, support and solutions for small to mid-size companies. Sobo is dedicated to solving even the most challenging issues, using Technology at the forefront of our efforts. We employ tactics that help companies who wish to grow, innovate and continuously evolve. Companies that wish to succeed.  

The ability that businesses have on impacting the world around them is powerful. At Sobo we’re making the world a better place, one business at a time.