Meet Our Design Partner


MODA is sustained by individuals, corporations and foundations who share our belief in the power of design to inspire change, transform lives, and make the world a better place.

We are honored to be supported by Primal Screen!

Primal Screen is an award-winning design studio, with an emphasis on animation. Based in Atlanta, they provide soup-to-nuts solutions for clients in the film, broadcast, online, education, and gaming industries. They are best known for their work in kids’ entertainment branding and curriculum-based content.

Since 1995, Primal Screen has offered comprehensive design services, with in-house capabilities in motion graphics, animation, live action, audio, music composition, and interactive development.


Selected Work by Primal Screen

Mad Men

It was a dream come true — working with one of our favorite designers on one of our favorite shows. To mark Mad Men's passage into the 70s, we brought a new illustration by super-designer Milton Glaser to groovy life. Dig!


For AIGA’s 2017 design conference we showed the many instances of "connection" we all experience every day. The idea of connection is underscored by the continuously morphing, hand-drawn animation and the music, crackling with found-object percussion. We made more more than 25 branding elements. All animation, design, music and sound were performed in-house.

Austin, TX

The city of Austin's environmental initiative seeks to make the Texas capitol much greener within the next few decades. To announce the move, our friends at Sherry Mathews Advocacy Marketing contacted us to create this animated introduction, showing Austinites how they can breathe a little easier in the coming years

Cocoa Puffs

Sonny the Cuckoo Bird contends with debilitating delusional paranoia – all for our amusement. In the years we've animated his spots we've subjected Sonny to hand-drawn, flash and CGI animation. Also, cruel temptation.

Pilot Pens

Pity our poor hero. Despite his efforts to erase all of his frenemy's most beguiling qualities, the ladies still love Josh. We shot live-action, and did all animation, compositing and sound. Written of course by our friends at the agency, Bright Red.

PBS Kids

Montage of relaunch package, comprising some 135 distinct pieces, all serving to reinforce the idea that PBS Kids is a fun, educational partner whom parents of young kids can trust. This project resulted in PBS Kids being recognized for Best Channel Design and Channel of the Year by Kidscreen.

Cartoon Network

One of ten spots Primal Screen made to commemorate Cartoon Network's 20th anniversary. This bumper shows the driving force in the channel's success.