Design for Good: Architecture for Everyone

September 23, 2018 - February 3, 2019

“There is a clear line between the spaces we inhabit and the social justice we seek. It's time we raise all people's expectations that they too deserve good design. The world will be a better, more just, and more equitable place for it.”

—Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation

Almost nothing influences the quality of our lives more than the design of our homes, our schools, our workplaces, and our public spaces. Spaces can enliven. They can excite the soul, fill us with a sense of wonder, and bring us comfort and reprieve. When planned with the ultimate users in mind, spaces become more than bricks and mortar and glass and steel; they become incubators for serving, working, learning, and loving. This is what architecture is all about—providing spaces that empower people to live their best lives.

This exhibition captures character-driven, real-world stories from across the globe about design that fosters a sense of belonging and dignity. It’s not about designers. It’s about the lives all of us lead, inextricably shaped by the spaces and places we inhabit. For too long design has been seen as a luxury, the province of the rich. That can no longer be acceptable to the design field, nor to those affected by the field, which is to say, absolutely everybody.

Curated by John Cary

Photo by John Madere

Photo by John Madere

This exhibition is curated by John Cary, author of the book Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture for Everyone. John is an architect, writer, speaker, and curator focused on design and philanthropy. Consulting principally for TED, he is also an advisor to an array of foundations and nonprofits globally.

Learn more about John's passion for user-centered design in architecture by watching his new TED Talk, How Architecture Can Create Dignity for All. 

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