June at campMODA: Tinkering with Circuits and Robots


At MODA, we know that kids can be the best designers and most innovative engineers among us. They’re the ones who come up with the most original plans and who show no restraint when it comes to putting wacky ideas on paper. So this June, we decided to invite a group of 1st and 2nd graders to bring their ideas to life using circuits and LEGOs!

Campers were given the opportunity to explore the world of circuitry and robotics through a design-centric lens, figuring out the basics of electronics and applying them to activities that would let them flex their creative sides.

Using a number of creative STEAM tools and technologies like littleBits (colorful, magnetic modules that can be used to create simple circuits), Makey Makey™ (fun-packed invention kits that facilitate group learning activities), and Brtistlebots (robots made from toothbrushes—yes, really!), these young designers were able to approach basic electronics from both a design and an engineering mindset, learning valuable circuitry principles and getting to apply them to real electronic projects and design challenges.

Campers didn’t only get to build their own flashlights and design squishy, kid-friendly circuits that they could take home with them at the end of the week; they also got to explore introductory robotics using LEGO WeDo kits! Every day, campers tackled a new series of robotics, coding, and programming challenges, both in guided building sessions and individual “free-build” explorations of the possibilities afforded them by their kits.

MODA was thrilled to have these little ones spend the week with us and amazed by their capacity to learn brand new skills in basic circuitry, robotic engineering, and the principles of programming. Each of them was a perfect example of a STEAM superstar, ending the camp with a firm grasp on exciting technological concepts, a new sense of confidence in their design abilities, and what we hope will be a lifelong passion for tinkering.