campMODA 2017: Stop Motion Animation

MODA's Stop Motion Animation camp gave kids in grades two to four a chance to try out their filmmaking skills this summer! Led by the amazing Ms. Claudia, campers used modeling clay to design characters and bring them to life in a collaborative film that premiered to a crowd of popcorn-eating parents, siblings, and friends.  

Character Creation
To kick off their week in the campMODA studio, campers created characters out of modeling clay, and decided how each character would look, act, and sound.  

Storyboarding and Set Design
Storyboarding and set design were collaborative efforts. Campers mapped out scene sequences for their characters and designed detailed sets. From a volcanic eruption scene to a circus, campers worked hard to bring their stories to life.

Production and Iteration
With their sets in final form, it was time to shoot the film. Campers learned the ins and outs of stop motion animation — from how many still-shots are required to create shorts, to best practices for recording and adding voiceover and music to a final cut.

The Premiere
Two weeks after the camp was held, camper friends and families were invited to a formal movie premiere at MODA where films were screened in front of a live audience for the very first time. At the end of the showing, campers left with a copy of their films, the characters they designed, and a piece of the set to share with their friends. 

What did these silver screen campers learn?

  • They got an introduction to stop motion animation, film making, and ideation
  • They learned about storyboarding and emotion characterization
  • They gained an understanding of character design
  • They worked collaboratively to design and build sets
  • They learned about camera angles and video recording
  • They had the opportunity to learn how to do voiceovers
  • They had an opportunity to use film editing software

Here's one of the films they created:

A very special thanks to the following individuals for their help in making this vision a reality. 
Claudia McClelland, Camp Director
Victoria Rosser, Counselor
Lauren Rausaw, Counselor
Declan Thanner, Counselor
Sejin Kim, Video

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