MODA Design Club

The Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) believes that design solves problems, transforms lives, and makes the world a better place – and it also believes that kids are great problem-solvers because they see the world with fresh eyes and vivid imagination. MODA’s classes, camps, and family activities are designed to help kids fall in love with the problem-solving power of design and to empower youth to use design thinking to face the real world challenges they encounter in everyday life.

In order to teach these skills to as many metro-Atlanta children as possible, MODA offers a free membership to any child, 0 – 17 of age, who walks through their front door. Memberships are valid until a child turns 18, and provide a wide variety of benefits that keep kids learning about design:

  1. A free personalized membership card

  2. Unlimited free exhibition admission (and free admission for an adult of their choice)

  3. Inspiring newsletters featuring design challenges kids can do at home

  4. Invitations to invite-only Design Club activities all year round

In support of this revolutionary program, MODA joined forces with HOW Design Live in Atlanta. At MODA’s How Design Live booth – marked by colorful towers that are part of the playful Design Club brand, created by Atlanta firms Primal Screen and Son & Sons – HOW Design Live attendees made donations in support of Design Club and were invited to participate in the “LEGO Selfie Challenge” where they were asked to build representations of themselves using only the iconic, colorful blocks as their medium.

Participants included some of the design world’s superstars, like Steff Geissbuhler, Ken Carbone, Brian Singer, and Chip Kidd (who returned to the booth several times to make gentle adjustments to his LEGO hair). The Atlanta design community rallied around the effort, using MODA’s rally cry, “We Want More Design, Atlanta,” to encourage peers from across the world to support this important initiative.

HOW Design Live LEGO Selfies:

Museum of Design Atlanta