Meet Our Education Partner

Half school, half real-world.

Housed in a 1940’s factory building at the end of Bennett Street in Atlanta, Portfolio Center feels more like an agency than it does a school. The spaces are unexpected. The outside walls are covered with street art by artists from around the world. The inside is equipped with a photo studio, maker lab, co-working spaces, conference room style classrooms and multiple galleries displaying student work.

In 1993, after selling Portfolio Center, Ron and his wife, Pippa, started Miami Ad School. They grew Miami Ad School into a global network of 15 schools that allow students to study and intern around the world. In 2014, everything came full circle. Portfolio Center came back to Ron (and Pippa) and is now part of the Miami Ad School network.

Our Partnership

Each year, MODA and Miami Ad School at Portfolio Center partner to bring nationally-renowned designers to Atlanta to speak to the design community and general public through our Design Conversation series.

Check out the exciting speakers that are part of the 2019 Design Conversation series: