Meet Our Design Partner


MODA is sustained by individuals, corporations and foundations who share our belief in the power of design to inspire change, transform lives, and make the world a better place.

We are honored to be supported by Interface, a company that makes carpet tiles but sells design!

Interface is a purpose-driven company with a unique set of values. They do well by doing good. Their core values represent who they are, how they see the world, how they treat one another and their external customers and stakeholders, and how they approach our work every day.

Core Values

Design a Better Way

From pioneering carpet tiles to designing a new industrial system, Interface is dogged in their pursuit of the unconventional, the improbable, the unknown. 

Be Genuine and Generous

The Interface team challenges itself to do the right thing, to be generous to people and to the planet we call home. Doing the greatest good possible – that’s their passion.

Inspire Others

Interface wants to wake up the industrial world to the power of possibility, for the greater good. So they lead through courageous actions, through beautiful products, and through telling their story. 

Connect the Whole

Interface understands the world in terms of systems, an intricate web of dependencies, and they think in partnerships, knowing none of us is as smart as all of us. Through collaboration with one another, design leadership, and world-shaping visionaries, they do great things, 

Embrace Tomorrow, Today

Interface embraces the challenge of imagining a beautiful, livable future – a future catalyzed by business, where the relationship between human beings and the natural world has been fundamentally reshaped.


Net-Works is One Way that Interface is Designing a Better Future

Designed as a tribute, Net Effect is a carpet tile collection that honors the ocean not only in its aesthetic references but also in a unique and tangible way through a project called Net-Works™. 

Net-Works provides a source of income for small fishing villages in the Philippines while cleaning up their beaches and waters of discarded fishing nets that threaten their livelihood and the very precious double barrier reef off their shore. Discarded fishing nets are collected and sold to our trusted yarn supplier and partner, Aquafil. Since 2011 they’ve been re-purposing waste nylon from discarded fishing nets and other sources, including yarn reclaimed through our own ReEntry® program, to provide recycled content nylon for Interface carpet tile.