DomestiCITY Pop-Up Exhibition

domestiCITY [an affordable atlanta] was a two-phase design competition exploring best practices and innovative strategies for the planning, design, construction, and operation of affordable and sustainable developments in Atlanta. The design competition invited designers to propose redevelopment strategies for  Santa Fe Villas, a 4-acre, 147-unit transitional housing development along a low-density commercial corridor in south Atlanta, improving access to affordable housing through strategic densification, social revitalization, & mixed-use new construction.

Eighty-nine participants from more than 15 countries participated in this competition organized by the City of Atlanta Department of City PlanningEnterprise, and Assist Community Design Center. 

The designs of the two finalists, Utile Inc. from Boston, MA and Lord Aeck Sargent from Atlanta, GA were on view in the MODA lobby for a limited time.

Exhibition Design: Susan Sanders