Meet Our Exclusive 2019 Printing Partner

MODA is sustained by individuals, corporations and foundations who share our belief in the power of design to inspire change, transform lives, and make the world a better place.

We are honored to be supported by Creative Approach!

What started as a dream in a small garden level apartment by Cale hall and Travis Sawyer in Savannah, Georgia, has grown to become the choice printer for innovation in Georgia. Creative Approach is now a family of creatives that love making the world a little more beautiful with great design, innovative products and a heart for supporting local non-profits. From business cards to booklets, storefront graphics to promotional items. Our team works together to make your world more beautiful.


Look What Our Partnership Has Created:

Luba Lukova: Designing Justice, 2017

A designer and an artist, Luba Lukova creates images that she hopes will catalyze action and change the world. Her thought-provoking posters address essential themes of humanity and injustice worldwide. Her messages help viewers develop empathetic understanding for social and cultural issues through indelible metaphors and an economy of line, color, and text. 

From June 4 - September 3, 2017, Luba Lukova's work was on view at MODA in the exhibition titled Luba Lukova: Designing Justice. All printing was done by Creative Approach.

Exhibition designed by Susan Sanders.


Designing a Playful City

As our cities become more and more densely populated, we must design spaces for play into them. 

MODA’s exhibition, Designing Playful Cities, took visitors through interactive installations that presented a strong case for designing play into urban environments, encouraged visitors of all ages to engage in play in their day-to-day activities, and inspired designers and developers to create playful spaces in our cities, whether by designing proper playgrounds for children or by converting under-utilized spaces into fun and friendly places. 

Curator: Janelle Miniter / Exhibition Advisor: Cynthia Gentry

Exhibition Design by Susan Sanders

Printing by Creative Approach