campMODA Scholarships

Help kids attend campMODA!

Did you know campMODA offers scholarships to kids who would be otherwise unable to attend STEAM camps? You can help a child have this experience by donating to our campMODA Scholarship Fund. Your donations are tax-deductible and will help metro-Atlanta kids improve their science, technology, engineering, and math skills. campMODA offers full day sessions ($495) and half-day sessions ($250). Please find MODA's 2017 camp offerings below. Thanks for helping us expose future generations to different ways we can come together and design for good!

Is your pet interested in sponsoring a child to attend Pet Project?

Did you know that your pet has the opportunity to sponsor a child to attend this camp? We have a waiting list of young aspiring UX designers interested in building animal empathy and in using the design process to change an animals life. And we have the above pets to thank for helping us send kids to campMODA!

With a donation of $495, your lifelong furry friend can help a kid attend campMODA! Please click the button below to send a child to camp, and indicate your pet's name in the comment section. Once the request has been processed, we will be in touch for a photo of your pet donor. Thanks for supporting campMODA!