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Design for Non-Designers: Design Basics Workshop with Sarah Lawrence

MODA_1 The Basics.jpg

This August, join graphic designer Sarah Lawrence at MODA for her Design Basics Workshop, the first in her Design for Non-Designers workshop series. Dive into how design works and how it can work for you. How is it different from fine art? What does it look like in different mediums? We’ll learn some of the principles of hierarchy and repetition, but also chat about grid compositions and source files. We’ll also talk about hiring someone for photography and design projects. This class will give you the tools to communicate your needs, provide feedback that keeps everyone on the same page, and pull inspiration that doesn’t plagiarize — so your new project’s strong and stable.


Price per workshop: Members $35 / non-members $40.
Or, if you’re interested in a package deal, you can sign up for all of them with one form! (Members $210 / non-members $240)

Registrations that are cancelled 2 weeks prior to the workshop, class or school program will result in a refund of 50%. No refunds will be available for cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to the date of the workshop, class or school program.