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Formations Studio Visit with Tristan Al-Haddad

  • Formations Studio 1080 Katherwood Drive Southwest Atlanta, GA, 30310 United States (map)

Formations Studio Visit with Tristan Al-Haddad

Join Toast MODA for our September event as we tour Formations Studio and hear from Tristan Al-Haddad on Saturday, November 11 from 2 - 3:30 p.m. Our focus for this visit will be on his most recent project, Nimbus, a sculpture commissioned by the City of Minneapolis as an extension of the Nicolett Mall redesign by James Corner Field Operations!

More on Formations Studio:

Formations Studio is the creative practice of Tristan Al-Haddad and is engaged in acts of art, architecture, science and research by working across multiple disciplines and with many collaborators. The work is currently focused on projects at the scale of furniture, fragments, spatial installation, sculpture and landscape; all of which are understood both in terms of discrete objects/spaces and in terms of a particular creative methodology, which is scale-less and can be applicable in various projects and at various scales. The work is bound by a common theme of creating visceral experiential sensations and exploring concepts of matter-energy transformations.

More on Nimbus:

The piece is both derivative of the extrinsic site forces and projective of its own intrinsic desires. It is derivative in the way in which it serves as a knuckle between the primary axis of Nicolett Street and the Atrium of the Central Library. The piece sits at the intersection of the two and transforms the elliptical base geometry of the Theater in the Round into a levitating figure which frames both sky and library through its oculus.  

In terms of the intrinsic desires the pieces aspires to create a visceral experience of light, form, and phenomena. The piece is constructed like an airplane wing to cantilever 45 feet over the sidewalk and Theater in the Round to frame a threshold for pedestrians passing through it while simultaneously creating a destination of embrasure for those whose pause and inhabit the Theater. The piece will be visually porous and will flood the site at night with a halo of light, creating a glow and uncanny ambiance.

The piece will be constructed from weathering steel (Corten Steel) for three reasons. First in order to set up a material dialog with the Ptolemy’s Wedge sculpture on the library plaza by Beverly Pepper which is also made of weathering steel. Second to speak to the post-industrial condition of the contemporary American city. And lastly for practical reasons that the material is self-healing and self-sealing which is critcal in this highly trafficked and high impact zone in front of the library.

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