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The Lemonade Project: June Session

Social Justice posters by artist & designer, Luba Lukova

Social Justice posters by artist & designer, Luba Lukova

Meet us at the Lemonade stand!

Welcome back to The Lemonade Project with facilitators Blair Banks and Aretina Hamilton, as we introduce MODA’s newest exhibition, Luba Lukova: Designing Justice, a compilation of thought-provoking posters that address essential themes of humanity and injustice worldwide.

Pair Lukova’s messages about cultural and societal issues with Beyoncé’s representations of (in)justice found in her visual album Lemonade. Interact with three featured activities within the exhibition with your fellow “Lemonaders”, as you take steps to understand, reveal, and converse.

Register now! Space is limited. The Lemonade Project is free to attend because designing for social justice, both personal and communal, is for everyone!

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