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Family Free Day: Designing for Native Pollinators

Family Free Day: Designing for Native Pollinators

The second Sunday of every month is Family Free Day at MODA! Join us Sunday, April 9 for It’s the Bee’s Needs.

Celebrate the Earth with MODA as we dig into the fascinating world of pollinators–animals that move pollen from flower to flower. Pollinators function in one of Earth’s most important roles. Not only do they pollinate a variety of plants, but many of our favorite fruits and vegetables depend on the essential work of pollinators.

This Family Free Day, join MODA in our quest to save our native pollinators. We’ll be constructing mixed-use community dwellings for insects, such as mason bees, bumble bees, and native ladybugs. MODA will have materials and examples, but please collaborate sustainably by bringing cans, towel rolls, random pieces of wood, and whatever else you’d like to live in if you were a bee. MODA will also be distributing Lemon Queen sunflower seedlings to be planted near insect communities. 

Additionally, make sure to check out MODA's exhibition, Food by Design: Sustaining the Future, on view until May 7, 2017. Great for families and foodies alike, our newest exhibition explores a simple, and yet complex question–how will we feed ourselves in the future? Also check out, Elegantissima: The Design and Typography of Louise Fili, a pop up exhibition in MODA’s lobby that looks at all things food, type, and Italian. Our staff will be in the galleries available to answer any questions you have and share the great design stories that are being featured. 

While admission is free, we ask that you please register ahead of time so we know how many folks to expect Consider making a donation for this free event at check-out. See you on Sunday!