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MODA Home School Gets Hands On: Indoor Gardening and Terrariums

MODA Home School Gets Hands On

Indoor Gardening and Terrariums

Get down and dirty on Home School Day this April with MODA educators! Join us for an abridged tour of our current exhibition Food by Design: Sustaining the Future, where we will focus on “the skin of the earth”– soil, and the steps we can take to keep it healthy and nutrient dense for the fruits and vegetables we plant. Highlighting the ways in which composting – the process of adding organic material to soil– can be fun, and even beautiful, this tour will also explore nontraditional gardening and farming practices that seek to answer challenges of food accessibility and security. 

After the tour, take part in a hands-on activity led by MODA educators to design your very own terrarium. Terrariums are sealable containers, usually made of glass or plastic, that contain soil and plants. When terrariums are sealed they can become a self-sustaining ecosystem. Because of plastic’s transparency, light and heat can enter the terrarium and create a small scale water cycle to constantly supply the plants with water, as well as enough supply enough light for the plant to go through photosynthesis. Using supplies furnished by MODA, students will design their terrariums while understanding the importance of plant choice, soil type, filterable materials, and maintenance.

Students will:

  • Learn about the complexities of soil and the different ways in which you can compost
  • Examine the effects of indoor gardening and indoor farming on food accessibility
  • Practice basic gardening skills
  • Explore concepts of biology, to include: the water cycle, life cycle, photosynthesis, etc.

For young designers in grades 4 and up.

Participation is $12 for children, and any accompanying adult is free.

For further information, contact Blair Banks at or at 404.979.6455.