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MODA Home School Gets Hands-On:The Supermarket of the Future

MODA Home School Gets Hands-On

MODA’s Design-it-Yourself (DIY) Challenge: The Supermarket of the Future

What if we could grocery shop while we wait for a bus, or harvest herbs and microgreens in our local supermarket? Take on MODA’s Design-it-Yourself (DIY) Challenge to redesign the grocery shopping experience and supermarket of the future. Students will begin brainstorming on an abridged tour of our current exhibition Food by Design: Sustaining the Future. This tour will focus on food distribution practices around the world. It will also highlight recent developments in food delivery systems that meet our changing shopping habits.

Following the tour, take MODA’s DIY challenge and redesign how we shop. Using foam board and other prototyping materials, work alongside fellow homeschoolers as a design team to build a scale model of an innovative grocery store or a redesigned shopping cart. Want more of a challenge? Try taking the grocery store out of grocery shopping and reimagine the entire experience–how/where would we buy goods, would it involve technology, how would we receive our food, etc.

Students will:

  • Understand where food comes from and how it gets to our plates
  • Learn the importance of scale modeling
  • Practice architectural modeling using prototyping tools–foam board, tape, rulers, etc.
  • Work collaboratively through the design process–with emphasis on brainstorming, empathy, and prototyping

For young designers in grades 4 and up.

Participation is $7 for children, and any accompanying adult is free.

For further information, contact Blair Banks at or at 404.979.6455.