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MODA Home School Tour + Activity: Advertising and Branding in the Food Industry

MODA Home School Tour + Activity

Advertising and Branding in the Food Industry

Join us for a guided tour of Food by Design: Sustaining the Future, our newest exhibition at MODA. Food by Design explores a simple, and yet complex question–how will we feed ourselves in the future? Looking at cutting-edge developments in food and food production happening in Atlanta and beyond, the exhibition will discuss topics of urban agriculture, food access, food waste, and more. This month, students will better understand the role of advertisement and branding in the food industry. Using objects and campaigns featured in the exhibition, like the redesigned Nutrition Facts Label and the Tomorrow’s Meatball project, students will observe and analyze various design decisions that occur before a product reaches the public.

After the tour, take part in an activity led by MODA museum educators that will familiarize students with persuasive techniques in advertising. Working collaboratively, students will develop branding for a healthy food item. They will create a 30 second commercial to entice potential buyers, and test their mock up with a test audience comprised of other homeschool participants.

Students will:

  • Understand where food comes from and how it gets to our plates
  • Discover innovative systems designed to grow food, such as hydroponics and aeroponics
  • Learn basic principles of advertising and branding
  • Work collaboratively through the design process–with emphasis on brainstorming, empathy, and prototyping

For young designers in grades 3 and up.

Participation is $7 for children and adults.

For further information, contact Blair Banks at or at 404.979.6455.