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Arduino + Motors: The Building Blocks of Robots (Grades 4-7)

For students in Grades 4-7

Monday, February 20, 2017 Noon - 3:30 p.m.

Start the robotics journey with this intermediate Arduino class. Continue learning about microcontrollers, coding, and circuitry and take your skills to the next level. We’ll dive deeper into how Arduinos work and learn how to program microcontrollers to operate servos, DC motors, and more. We’ll experiment with breadboarding new types of circuits and learn how to activate motors using both code and analog inputs. This camp will teach students the foundational skills needed to design robotic mechanisms, prototype their own innovative ideas with the help of instructors and in collaboration with their peers, and explore the endless possibilities of the robotic future!

Campers will learn:

  • Foundational robotics hardware

  • To write script code to control servo motors in various ways

  • The mechanics of motors and their components

  • Breadboard motor circuits

  • How to use the design process to build robots

We’ll also give campers the following materials to take home and add to their Arduino library:

  • 3 servo motors

  • 3 potentiometers

  • 2 DC motors

PREREQUISITE: Students need to have already taken an Introduction to Arduino course at MODA. Please contact Brigid Drozda at or 404.979.6455 if you have any questions about your child’s ability to participate in this class. Students should bring an Arduino with them to class. MODA Metro Kits are available for purchase for $39.95 in the MODA store if your child does not have an Arduino.

MODA Members: $80 (includes $25 materials fee)  / Non-members: $90 (includes $25 materials fee)

Please note: Camp member discounts apply only to MODA Family Membership levels and above.

Please note:  Based on demand, all programs may not be available all weeks. Should the program you request not meet a minimum enrollment, you will be contacted at least a month before your camp session. Should campMODA need a food allergy action plan for your camper, please contact the camp administrator by calling 404.856.5962 or emailing

 Campers with learning differences and behavioral needs are welcome at campMODA! We do ask that you please call Blair Banks at 404.979.6455 so that we can have a conversation and discuss your camper’s unique potential, and how to best celebrate their strengths and accommodate their challenges.

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