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LED Love After School Program

LED lights are everywhere. From traffic signals to holiday lights, LEDs light up our world in ways that are not only beautiful, but efficient too.

In this 4-week afterschool program, young designers currently in grades 3-5 will delve into the world of LEDs through projects that allow them to create and test unconventional designs, all while taking a closer look at how LEDs work and how they function in our everyday lives.

Each week, designers will experiment with LEDs using techniques from a variety of disciplines. They’ll make things with:

  • Copper foil tape

  • Coin cell batteries

  • Cyanotype paper

  • Transistors and Resistors

  • Conductive paint

  • And of course, LED lights

In the process, young designers will practice design thinking through empathetic questioning, teamwork, brainstorming activities, prototyping, and testing and refining ideas. As a result, they will become more comfortable using science, technology, engineering, and math as a way of exploring and understanding the world.

Participating designers will:

  • Learn the components of a standard LED, transistor, and resistor

  • Learn basic circuitry skills

  • Improve logic skills

  • Develop a basic understanding of chaos theory and explore through application

  • Learn vocabulary that describes circuitry, and photography techniques

  • Gain a better understanding of repurposing and sustainability

  • Learn through experimentation and invention

LED Love will meet from 4:00-5:30 pm on four consecutive Wednesdays: September 7, 14, 21, and 28.

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