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3D Printing Class

This ain’t your average classroom, folks. We're taking things to a whole new dimension of possibility by giving you the tools and the training needed to turn 3D printing dreams into realities.

3D Printers have yielded some pretty magical things over the past few years. The first thing that comes to our mind? The coveted Donut Taco. But there’s plenty aside from that too: this notable ballgown, some really majestic musical instruments, some actual homes in China (yeah, homes), and 3D printers let us email wrenches to OUTER FREAKIN' SPACE.

At the helm of your 3D printing adventure is 3D Printing Wizard/Knight/Ninja Neil Miller – who started dabbling in 3D modeling before he was 16 and has pursued the craft all throughout his life, in his work in game design, sculpture, and other creative pursuits.

So whether you’re a wiz-kid on the computer, or haven’t so much as opened a spreadsheet in eons, Neil’s just the kind of charismatic ace you’d want to learn from. He’ll walk you through the basics of the browser-based 3D modeling program Tinkercad, where you’ll design a dream creation of your own – be it jewelry, iPhone case, keychain, sculpture, or donut taco mold. By the end of the class your creation will be ready to go to print, which is exactly what it’ll do. You’ll be able to pick it up at MODA (they'll notify you once it's ready) and bring it into the real world with you.

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