MODA Presents: On You: Wearing Technology

On You: Wearing Technology An Exhibition

June 26 – October 2, 2016

Atlanta (June 24, 2016) – This summer, Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) takes a look at the cutting edge of design with On You: Wearing Technology. Referring to electronic devices that have been incorporated into clothing, “wearables” offer hands-free advantages and bonuses like biofeedback. This exhibition reviews the brief history of the development of wearable technology and considers why these devices have finally become part of daily life. On You: Wearing Technology opens Sunday, June 26 and runs through October 2, 2016.

“Wearable technology and head-mounted displays are in the press daily,” said On You curator Clint Zeagler. “Why now? The basic technology has existed for decades, but only recently have these devices become practical and desirable. This exhibition strives to answer that question by reviewing the challenges along the road to making a consumable wearable computer.”

Using consumer, professional and “maker” creations, On You: Wearing Technology demonstrates four of those challenges: power and heat, networking, mobile input and displays. The exhibition outlines the improvements in technology during the past 20 years that have enabled wearable technology to overcome these challenges and move forward on the path to a consumer wearable computer. From Lennon, the glass prototype wearable computer, to Metria IH1 Vue Patch that downloads the body’s physical data, On You features the earliest and latest in wearables. The exhibition also incudes personal stories from individuals who use and create wearable technology.

The exhibition was developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology Wearable Computing Center (WCC). WCC collaborators across Georgia Tech include the Institute for People and Technology, GVU Center and the School of Industrial Design. Exhibition Credits: Clint Zeagler – Curator / Designer; Thad Starner – Curator; Maria Wong Sala – Designer / Photographer; Nick Bitzis – Designer; Kevin Shankwiler – Designer; Yoni Kaplan – Designer

More information can be found in the exhibits FREE companion e-book Meeting the Challenge: The Path Towards A Consumer Wearable Computer.

On You: Wearing Technology runs concurrently with Beautiful Users. On You received support from Footsmart, the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs and Fulton County Arts and Culture.

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