Passione Italiana: The Art of Espresso

February 24 - June 15, 2019

Passione  Italiana  chronicled the  evolution of the espresso machine and documented technological and industrial design developments.  The  exhibit   showcased  espresso  makers  used  in  Italy  during  the  mid-twentieth century—alongside inventive coffee sets and unique crockery—and traversed through  the  decades,  highlighting  the  influence that  designers  such  as  Aldo  Rossi,  Toyo  Ito,  Richard Sapper and Massimiliano Fuksas have had on classic and contemporary models.

Appealing to both design lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike, the exhibition surveyed the social and historical impact that coffee and coffeehouses have had around the world,  including  the  role  of  cafés  as incubators in social justice movements and how they have helped fuel everything from literary and musical achievements to political revolutions.

With Passione Italiana, MODA also introduced the  Co.Lab,  an  experiential  space within one of our galleries that was inspired by the spirit of creativity fueled by coffee. The immersive environment was developed by MODA with some of Atlanta’s most creative entities to  offer  a  center  for  making,  thinking,  talking  and  learning,  and featured expansive communal tables within an inviting shared space.  

Visitors to Co.Lab were invited to participate in What is Your Story, a crowd-sourced storytelling installation organized by design firm Orange Sparkle Ball and  nonprofit  sister  Spark  Corps  in  collaboration  with  BooknBrunch  that  provided  a  touching look at how untold stories, struggles, and secrets can forge connections. The hands-on project invited guests to anonymously inscribe their story in a used book on view at  MODA  and  give  visitors  the  opportunity  to  respond  to  these  stories  by  sending  a  supportive message via postcard.  

Visitors  were also invited  to  take  part  in  programming  on  Thursday  mornings,  presented  by  Constellations, a civic and socially based workspace aiming to make a positive difference in the world. Further exhibition-related programming was presented by Bellina Alimentari and by Docent Coffee.

Designers, manufacturers, and coffee companies featured in Passione Italiana included:

  • Aldo Rossi

  • Alessi

  • Alessandro Mendini

  • Alessandro Zambelli

  • Andreas Seegatz-Stars Milano

  • Angeletti Ruzza

  • Andrew Smith and Per Selvaag

  • Bialetti

  • Bilge Nur Saltik

  • Bugatti

  • Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari

  • Carlo Colombo

  • Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri

  • Dominique Perrault

  • Elektra

  • Aldo Cibic

  • Faema

  • Gaggia

  • Gio Ponti

  • Giorgetto Giugiaro

  • Giulio Iacchetti

  • Guzzini

  • Illycaffè

  • Jean Nouvel

  • Julian Lechner

  • Kartell

  • Kees van der Westen

  • KindustrieLara Caffi

  • La Pavoni

  • Lavazza

  • Luca Trazzi

  • Marcello Morandini

  • Marco Zanuso

  • Mario Trimarchi

  • Massimiliano Fuksas and Doriana Mandrelli

  • Matteo Thun

  • Michele De Lucchi

  • Officina Rancilio

  • Paola C.

  • Patricia Urquiola

  • Patrick Hunt

  • Piero Lissoni

  • Rami Tareef

  • Richard Sapper

  • Riccardo Dalisi

  • Seletti

  • Toyo Ito

  • Ugo La Pietra

  • Universal

  • Viceversa

  • Victoria Arduino

  • Wacaco Nanopresso

Exhibition Curator & Exhibition Development

Concept and production by CUBE DESIGN MUSEUM in co-operation with IMF Foundation.

Exhibition featured objects on loan from the the Alessi Museum, and the private collections of Enrico Maltoni, Franco Balzarotti, Kent Bakke, and Alessio Sarri.


This Exhibition Presented with the Support of: