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Silicone Lock Keychain

Silicone Lock KeychainPart of the 'Reality' series by award winning interior and industrial designer, Harry Allen. 'Reality' consists of objects whose forms are “sampled” from real objects, in this case, from a 20th century lock. Available in different colors, this lock comes with a stainless steel ring to hold your keys.  Manufactured by AREAWARE.
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Parrot Corkscrew

alessi-parrot-sommelier-corkscrew[1]This practical, pocket-sized sommelier corkscrew with integrated foil cutter is perfect for the wine lover with an eye for design. Made in cast aluminium and PC. Designed by Alessandro Mendini for Alessi.
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Banana Boys Bottle Stopper Set

GetDynamicImageSet of three handpainted caps in EVA and thermoplastic resin. The close contact with the National Palace Museum of Taiwan’s artistic collections has allowed Stefano Giovannoni’s imagination to run wild, pushing him to measure himself against, and apply his contemporary and very personal interpretation to, the millennia-old tradition of Chinese applied arts. The result is More Info »
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Quiver Wine Carrier

Quiver Wine Carrier--$118.00Uptown? Downtown? A picnic in the park? The versatile Quiver brings style wherever you go.  Once you've arrived, detach the shoulder strap and keep your bottles chilled and handy. The Quiver is made of elegant bi-color 3/16" thick merino felt and tanned leather details. The side belts are adjustable to snugly fit standard through champagne More Info »
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Child Puzzle Dinner Tray

Child Puzzle Dinner Tray--$58.00Don't play with your food… how many times did we hear our parents saying this as a child?   Royal VKB's Puzzle Dinner Tray allows children to play with their food again! The tray is intended to make children aware of the correct table setting as early as possible, a simple, providing an amusing way for More Info »
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