MODA has designed a camp to allow younger designers to play Minecraft in a developmentally-friendly way, using it as a tool for designing and building a world.

Campers will interact with Minecraft in peaceful, daylight-only creative worlds. They will learn computer programming basics and improve their math skills by using the heads-up displays and debug screen to improve gameplay. This Minecraft class will also teach the steps necessary to 3D print Minecraft structures.

The camp will be filled with different Minecraft related activities and will challenge participants to use Minecraft in design-specific ways that are different from standard game-play. With a focus on design, the goal is for campers to finish the day enriched with new ways of using Minecraft.

Skills campers will learn:

  • How to create Minecraft worlds on computers
  • Keyboarding and other computer skills
  • Design Thinking
  • Different ways to use Minecraft with 3D printing applications
  • How to navigate Minecraft worlds using graphing and compass coordinates
  • Basics of computer programming

While MODA provides a laptop for each participant, many campers often express the desire to share designs they’ve already created. As long as they feel comfortable insuring the safety of their devices, young designers are welcome to bring the portable electronics they use to play Minecraft to camp.