MODA Summer 2018 Educational Field Trip Availability

Field Trip Days: Mondays - Fridays.

Field Trip Time Slots: Starting at 1:30pm

Looking for an earlier time or a different day? Contact Blair Banks at to explore the possibilities of bringing your group to MODA.


Field Trip Options:


Guided Exhibition Tour:
Making Change: The Art and Craft of Activism

Join us for a guided tour of MODA's current exhibition, Making Change: The Art and Craft of Activism and learn about the ways in which artists and crafters are using traditional materials like yarn, glue guns, quilt patterns, sewing needles, X-ACTO knives, and other tools to protest social and political inequalities and injustices.

This exhibition is curated by Betsy Greer, author of Craftivism: The Art and Craft of Activism and is on view from June 3 through September 9, 2018.

For more information about this exhibition, click here.

This guided tour will address topics such as racism, police violence, immigration, war, feminism/women’s rights, LBGTQ rights, environmental issues, Native American rights, and much more. This content may be sensitive for younger audiences. If you'd like to walk through the exhibition with MODA's Education Coordinator, Blair Banks before bringing your group, please email

Cost: $8/person.

Guided tours are limited to 30 persons, including participating chaperones. If your group is larger, please contact Blair Banks at to discuss possible accommodations.

Soft Circuits (Grades K-2) 

Join us as we use coin cell batteries, LEDs, aluminum foil, conductive and insulating play-doh to design your own functioning! Get hands-on experience making, testing, and refining circuits that highlight basic electronic properties. Students will take home their own working flashlights!

Soft Circuits (Grades 3+) 
Soft circuits are also known as electronic textiles — a way to craft your own versatile wearable accessories. Join us as we explore how to design soft circuit buttons. Learn sewing, circuitry basics, and how to combine them both on this field trip! Explore everything from running stitches and tying off thread to the science behind circuits and how to create different kinds from series to parallel.

Cost: $10/person.

Chaperones that will be participating in the workshop will be charged $10/person, while non-participating chaperones are free.

This workshop is limited to 30 persons.


Introduction to 3D Design and Printing Workshop

At MODA, we're 100% on board with the Maker Movement's manifesto, which says that "making is fundamental to what it means to be human." We believe that one of the best ways to explore a problem and to find solutions is by using your hands to make, learn, and explore.

Our 3D printing workshop provides an introduction to designing in 3 dimensions. Students will learn how a 3D printer works and participate in a 3D modeling demo with MODA instructors using the computer aided design (CAD) program, Tinkercad. Students will work collaboratively to design an item for their community that MODA will print and mail.

Cost: $15/person.

Chaperones that will be participating in the workshop will be charged $15/person, while non-participating chaperones are free.

This workshop is limited to 30 persons.

Register for a Field Trip:

It's easy! Please read the below information carefully, and complete the form below. Allow two weeks for your trip request to be processed and booked. Once received, we will send a follow-up email holding the requested date and time. If unavailable, MODA will contact you to discuss alternative options. Please confirm your trip to MODA within one week of the follow-up email. If MODA does not receive a confirmation from your school, the hold will be released.


MODA does not have a reserved parking area. Buses are able to park on 16th Street NE, between the High Museum of Art and First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta. Please note that parking is on a first come, first serve basis. For smaller groups, with passenger vehicles, parking is available along Peachtree St. NE and in the Lanier Parking Deck located at 1337 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30308.


For lunch, try the food court at Colony Square Mall. Featuring fast food chains such as Moe’s, Chick-fil-A, and Starbucks, as well as outside eating areas, Colony Square Mall is a one-stop destination for school groups to enjoy lunch.

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