Some Museums Have Cafes. We Have a CSA!

Say hello to Midtown's Digital Farmer's Market!

We design cars, cities, houses, and other objects that make our lives better and easier. We also design our lives with every decision that we make about what we eat, what we wear, where we live, and how we spend our time. Let MODA help you design a life that includes nutritious, delicious food that travels straight from farmers, fisherman, and local producers to you. We've joined forces with Sourcify to become a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) pick-up spot! #designyourlife #sourcifyyourfood

Five reasons to shop with Sourcify:

  1. All Sourcify offerings are free of antibiotics, hormones, and GMO's.
  2. Everything is sourced locally, unless it must be sourced from another state.
  3. You have digital access to high quality food that's actually in season.
  4. If you live close to MODA, you can walk here and eliminate car trips to the grocery store.
  5. A portion of the proceeds from your order supports MODA and Wholesome Wave.

Order Fresh, Healthy Food and Pick It Up at MODA

Looking for 2017 chef trends? Bring the trends straight to your table when you order from our digital farmers market partner, Sourcify.

Use the Sourcify website to order from their selection of fresh produce, fish, meat, eggs, grains, cheese each week. Pick up your box of food at MODA the following week. Product selection changes with the seasons so that you know that you're getting the freshest seasonable products available.

Whenever possible, Sourcify buys from local farmers and producers, so you know that you're supporting small farmers that are crucial to our local economy. When products are not available locally, Sourcify finds the very best producers in the nation and brings you their products.

Don't forget, your decision to shop through Sourcify is a great way to give back to your community!  A portion of the proceeds of your order supports MODA and Wholesome Wave.

Here's How It Works

  1. Visit Sourcify to place an order by Thursday at 6 p.m. each week.
  2. Once you've ordered, farmers, fishermen, and other local producers will go to work harvesting and foraging your food.
  3. Sourcify will pack all your products in a box and delivery it directly to MODA each Thursday, by 2 p.m. Pick your box up at the museum until 8 p.m. on Thursdays, or on Fridays between Noon and 6 p.m.

Ready to Order?

Sourcify farm will gladly grant refunds at the point of delivery for items that are damaged, not fresh, or not what you ordered. We can't, however give refunds for orders that are picked up late or abandoned. Please pick up your orders within 72 hours of delivery.